Measure J-20.  Help Keep Paso Safe

It is time to invest in our community to protect public safety.  With minimal population growth over the last 5 years, calls for fire have increased 28% and calls for police have increased 40%. 

This is about right now. This is not about growth in the city or Covid-19, this is about playing catch up to properly staff our Fire and Police Departments.  Since 2008, when budget cuts were initiated to face the economic downturn, the city has not be able to fill the number of officers or firefighters needed to provide the coverage our community desires. The Fire Department needs an additional 6-7 fire personnel to address the shortage and the Police Department would need to hire 7 officers annually for the next 3 years to meet their staffing ratios.

Our Police Department fields 1.1 officers per 1000 residents.  The public safety standard  is 2.2 officers per 1000 residents.  Most times only 4 officers the cover the city supervised by one Sergeant.  During the past 12 months, resources were insufficient to answer citizen calls 4,200 times.  When officers are available the average response time is 15 minutes, it should be 10 minutes.

Our Fire Department fields .84 firemen per 1000 residents.  The public safety standard is 1.4 firemen per 1000 residents. The response time for goal is 4 minutes or less, 90% of the time.  We are achieving this goal only 56% of the time.

What does Measure J-20 on ballot say: 


To maintain essential/general services, such as fire protection/paramedic services; wildfire/natural disaster emergency preparedness; 911 emergency response times; public safety; equipping first responders; fixing streets/potholes; school protective services, shall the City of Paso Robles adopt a measure establishing a 1¢ sales tax providing approximately $10,000,000 annually, expiring in 12 years unless ended earlier by voters, requiring annual audits, independent citizen oversight, public spending disclosure, and all funds only for Paso Robles?

This ballot measure will  increase sales tax by 1% that is 1 Cent on the dollar,

40% of all sales tax is paid by visitors outside of the 93446 zip code.

It will establish an independent citizen oversight committee that will require annual audits and  public spending disclosure and will expire in 12 years

It will provide $10 million annually for local public safety departments.

It is one of the most cost effective ways to protect the future safety of Paso Robles.

Paso’s Public Safety Officers  are some of the most passionate ,dedicated and committed  personnel.   Due to fiscal restraints they are overextended and the safety of our community and their safety is becoming more at risk .

Vote Yes on Measure J-20.   1 Cent  on the dollar is a good investment in the safety of our community.